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Alexis creates art full of beauty, light, darkness, life, death, sex, and personal power. Alexis is the author of How I Lost My Virginity To Michael ...View Details

Mercedes Lucero, Writer

Mercedes is the author of the chapbook In the Garden of Broken Things (Flutter Press, 2016, available at and winner of the Langston Hugh...View Details

Each month, the Transformational Jennie Washburn joins Talk With ME host, Marcia Epstein, for real life conversation. This Month: Community Fun & ...View Details

Emmett has tenaciously pursued his passions as a performance artist and youth developer since leaving the military in 2014. Since high school, he has ...View Details

Michael is a singer, songwriter, playwright, actor, and distance runner based in Lawrence, KS. He also serves as a support person with the Sexual Tra...View Details

Annette is an African-American, a Kansan, a poet, a playwright, an actress and a nurse, based in Topeka, KS. Since 2015, Annette has immersed herself...View Details

Brandon Whitehead

Brandon is originally from Oklahoma, where there are generally only two accepted ways in which a man may express himself: silence or rage. Brandon stu...View Details

Kat is a native of Pennsylvania. She is the former poetry editor of Lake Effect and the former managing editor of Her work appears in The Cin...View Details

Taurean LaCharles is a native of Lawrence, KS and a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied classical theatre. As an androgynous ...View Details

B. Diehl, Poet

B. is a New Jersey native who has been writing since he was a kid. He started writing poetry in 2013 after he finally found some good poetry to read....View Details

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