Michael is a singer, songwriter, playwright, actor, and distance runner based in Lawrence, KS. He also serves as a support person with the Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center there. Michael grew up playing all the sports, but his light really shone when he was performing music or theatre. As soon as he was old enough, he brought his original music into area drag shows. Through his art, Michael shares his story and inspire others to live authentically and joyfully, even with all the challenges.

Michael’s original musical, RUN, debuts in July 2017. RUN is a never before seen take on the classic hero’s journey, with colorful comic book settings and characters, as well as plenty of nods and winks to some of your favorites in tights (with or without capes). RUN tells an unforgettable story about a group of regular people learning to survive, create, and fall in love in the aftermath of traumas past and present, and trying to be or become heroes in their own lives.

Follow Michael Timothy Dieker at www.facebook.com/michael.t.dieker & on Twitter @MichaelTDieker

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