Brandon Whitehead

Brandon is originally from Oklahoma, where there are generally only two accepted ways in which a man may express himself: silence or rage. Brandon studied violin at the U of KS. Yes. Violin. He lives in KC, KS, in a tiny apartment that doesn’t adhere to normal Euclidian geometry. Brandon likes to drink beer, smoke cigarettes and play role-playing games. He is one of the last of the old time film projectionists, plus he has a really cool collection of robot and spaceship toys, which you are not allowed to touch. He spends his nights writing poems and stories while listening to the strange old man that lives above him play the violin. Brandon is the author of Thieves, Pharaohs, and Mexican Daredevils (Spartan Press, 2015) and is featured in several poetry collections. His is one of the organizers of the KC Small Press Poetry Fest, formerly the KC Poetry Throwdown. Learn more at Find him performing at select poetry events across the country, and in “Project 4000.”

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