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Casey tantalizes you with some readings from his new book, The Spoils. And through conversation with host Marcia Epstein about: The Midwest, Stories, ...View Details

Ronda enjoys wandering the high plateau of northwest Kansas where the Arikaree Breaks whisper late into the sunset and scream into blizzards and thund...View Details

Jennie Washburn, V.2017.3

Each month, the Transformational Jennie Washburn joins Talk With ME host, Marcia Epstein, for real life conversation. SelfCare, Fun, Expressing Expect...View Details

Photos, journals, and poetry ARE memories, for people who have experienced brain trauma or other memory disorders.. Writer Julie Unruh is one of thos...View Details

Matt lives in upstate New York with his wife and daughter. A collection of his poems, The Ship Is Sinking, is available from Epic Rites Press. His fic...View Details

Misti is the author of Bullshit Rodeo, on Epic Rites Press, and several other novels & poetry collections. Misti’s most recent chapbook is No Guns...View Details

Dennis Etzel, Jr. lives with Carrie and the boys in Topeka, Kansas where he teaches English at Washburn University. He has an MFA from The University ...View Details

Julio is the author of two chapbooks, Don’t Give up the Ship & Ship Lost. He is an editor and founder of CWP Collective Press < www.cwp-press.c...View Details

Diane Silver is a writer, political activist, & spiritual seeker who speaks about hope & an atheist’s faith to a variety of audiences. She has...View Details

Jillian is Co-Producer, with Emily Holloman, of the dance performance, Elementum Show on March 10-11, 2017 at Kansas University. Jillian is currently...View Details

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