Julio is the author of two chapbooks, Don’t Give up the Ship & Ship Lost. He is an editor and founder of CWP Collective Press < www.cwp-press.com >, which also runs a Podcast called The Process  http://www.thinktwiceradio.com/cringers/cringers.html   He is a Blogger for Plurality Press  http://www.pluralitypress.com/julio-valentin  Julio is also an editor for Mutata Re, Erie Community College literary journal. He has been a featured reader from New Jersey to New Mexico and many a town in between. Julio has two forthcoming chapbooks in 2017, Ships and Giggles and Craigslist Diaries. He was recently published in an anthology called Recession in Neverland, The Le Mot Juste, and is currently revitalizing Buffalo State College's original literary magazine, Portrait. Julio is also a reluctant heart who’ll be reading at the April 2017 Kansas City Throw-down.  Follow Julio's adventures at www.facebook.com/CringeWorthyPoetsCollective

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