Diane Silver is a writer, political activist, & spiritual seeker who speaks about hope & an atheist’s faith to a variety of audiences. She has served as communications director for a candidate for Congress, a press secretary in a gubernatorial campaign, championed equality for LGBTQ people in bright red Kansas, & helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for two Midwestern universities. Her writings have appeared in Ms., Salon.com, The Progressive, & many other venues.

Diane talks about her new book Your Daily Shot of Hope: Meditations for an Age of Despair, exploring the lived reality of hope, an emotion that both powers & heals. Hope provides us with the fuel we need to transform ourselves and our world, but in these unsettling times, hope can be difficult to find. Diane discusses a path to hope that is one part mindfulness, one part humor, and one part affirmation and audacity. As far as Diane is concerned, real hope provides room to grieve and acknowledges pain. Real hope recognizes challenges even as it thumbs its nose at the conventional wisdom that claims we can’t succeed.

Your Daily Shot of Hope: Meditations for an Age of Despair is available from Diane & at Amazon. Follow Diane Silver at www.HopeAndPolitics.com & www.DianeSilver.net

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