Dr. Z. Hall is an independent scholar, curator, a poet, and emerging visual artist who lives and works in Kansas City, MO. She conducts research on art and communication. Her published work explores the effects of art on society and society’s influence on art. Her interest in art and microbes collide at the intersection of organic growing and the process of bioavailability of nutrients to the body. Hall is an organic grower who grows much of her own food, preserves what she grows, and composts—closing the loop in the plant, grow, regenerate, and replenish cycle. Hall teaches workshops on food and beverage preservation: freezing, dehydrating, canning, and fermenting.Hall marked her curatorial debut in July and August 2017, with Foundations: Fostering a Better World. Info at http://www.decadeoflight.org/programs/foundations

Since 2014, Hall has curated and produced the event Salon~360, which brings artist, scholars, activists and the general public together in dialogue on society’s most pressing issues; how art interrogates these issues; how art can function to transcend them. Info at www.facebook.com/groups/Salon360

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