Will Staple, Poet

Will lives in a kerosene-lit cabin, miles off any paved road, in the northern California foothills. He grew up in Oakland under the shadow of the Beats and attended UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement. From 1970 to 1995 Will published over 200 poems infused with the Grand Canyon and mountain forests on the sassy, sexy side of spirituality, filled with a sly humor, condensed form, depth of content, detailing the culture that left the cities in the 1970’s for a more archaic path with a heart. His books include: Passes for Human, Coyote Run, I Hate the Men You Sleep With, The Only Way to Reduce Crime Is to Make Fewer Acts Illegal, Dr. Montoya’s Medicine and The One That Got Away (Six Ft. Swells Press, 2008). He also performs regularly in Europe, where his work is published by http://Engstler-Verlat.de/ His latest collection (in English) is Arrows Go Thru Hearts: Selected Poems: 1970-1995 (Six Ft. Swells Press, 2017).

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