Samantha Slupski, Poet

Samantha Slupski is a poet and mental health advocate based in the heart of the Midwest. She first stepped on stage in December 2015 at Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, Missouri, and stage has been her home ever since. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Poetic Underground, Slam Master of Kansas City Poetry Slam, co-director of Chameleon Arts, a board member for Fountainverse, the Kansas City Small Press Poetry Fest, an ARTS KC grant recipient, and was voted the 2nd best spoken word artist in The Pitch’s Best of 2017. She has been published in multiple online publications, her poetry has been featured on Write About Now Youtube channel, and her first book, “What Sits Between my Veins” was published a year ago through EMP Press. She has been a competitor at Texas Grand Slam 2017 and 2018, attended the 2017 National Poetry Slam, and is attending the Women on the World Poetry Slam in March of 2018. Her Spring 2018 tour starts in March 2018, which spans over seven different cities. She sees the importance of poetry and the beautiful spaces it creates and has dedicated her life to making poetry important for everyone.

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