Rick is an artist, writer, poet, voice talent, storyteller, and spoken word performer. His work is whimsical at times, but often painfully real. His writing is best described as a li’l bit Steve Allen, Dr. Seuss, Benny Hill and Dory Previn. Topics may be silly (a wee bit “stand-up-y”) morality plays, often done in different voices and dialects. He has performed in the Kansas City area at Children’s Mercy Hospital, the Uptown Arts Bar, The Writer’s Place, and Prospero’s Book Store. He has been featured on THURSDAY’S SHOWCASE a one-man, 2-hour live show, and ARTSPEAK, both on KKFI, KC’s community radio station. His books and CD’s include “Funny You Should Ask!,” “Talking To Myself, (To You!)” and “Long Story Short…”


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