Linzi Garcia, Poet

Linzi Garcia can be found frolicking through sunflower fields, cemeteries, and bars across the states. She has been featured in "Treading Unique Paths: Young Writers Anthology" (VerbalEyze Press, 2016), "50 Haikus: Issue #12" (Prolific Press, 2017), and on the "Philosophical Idiot" poetry website (November, 2017). Her work will also be featured in the upcoming Blue Hour anthology.

Linzi Garcia's first poetry collection "Thank You" was published by Spartan Press KC in 2018  If you're lucky, you can even find a haiku of hers in the gumball machine at The Raven Book Store in Lawrence, KS or perhaps hidden in a nook in a tree near you.

Linzi currently resides in Lindsborg, KS, with Littleton, CO as her next home base. Wherever she lives, she's dreaming of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and New Orleans. She is always looking for invitations to new places where she can absorb new poetry, perspective, incomparable experiences, and quality whiskey. 


Follow the adventures of Linzi Garcia on Facebook @linzi.garcia.5 and Instagram @linzithelion

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