Born in Michigan, John Gary Brown resides half-time in Lawrence, KS and half-time in Creede, CO.  He received his MFA from University of Washington in 1970.  He has spent time teaching and traveling and is currently working asa professional artist – mostly painting, still photographing, and writing a memoir.

“I believe that mankind’s marks upon the earth are superficial and fleeting, and I try to depict and celebrate what is truly elemental in the landscape — the breathing of life into great watery vistas, seen through shifting, atmospheric veils, or the falling of sun light onto undisturbed dust.”

Through photography, Brown documented late-1960's and 1970's "freaks" (counterculture) of Lawrence, KS.  Many of his photos are included in the exhibit "Free State, Free Spirits: Lawrence’s 1960s Counterculture" at the Watkins Museum of History, Lawrence, KS from February 23–June 16, 2018.

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