Jeanette curates the generative performance art venue, Uptown Arts Bar, and is the Acquisitions Editor for KC based, indie press EMP Books. She also co-directs the arts non-profit Chameleon Arts with legendary print-maker Hugh Merrill and is Treasurer/grant-writer for KC’s annual small press fest. She is the author of six books of poetry, including her newest release “Don’t Lose Your Head” through EMP in 2017. She is an alumni resident of Osage Arts Community and The Lemon Tree House and can most often be found riverside with her hound dog, Olly Mas.

“Don’t Lose Your Head” is an experimental book of poetry and drawings which revolves around the concept of childhood trauma and its effects on adult life. The genesis of the book was 40-year-old Jeanette’s discovery of the truth of how her father died when she was four years old and follows the trajectory of family secrets, dysfunction and alienation. This work of art is raw, vulnerable and reaches deeply into the often untold shards of what is swept under rugs and kept folded in the back closets of family shame.

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