Jay is a 33 year broadcast radio & television veteran on-air personality, voice-over artist & station manager. Jay moved to Lawrence in 2011 to be the General Manager of KLWN & its related stations. He founded LawrenceHits.com in 2013 as a community based Oldies radio station that focuses on growing the profits of locally owned & operated Lawrence businesses. He now also owns stations in Cleveland, Chicago, LA & Yuma, Arizona. Jay believes “As it is good in the community, so it is good with you and me.” Follow Jay’s adventures through http://www.LawrenceHits.com

Wachs discusses his relocation back to Lawrence, establishing Lawrence Kansas as the permanent corporate headquarters for Wachs Media and his plans for HITS locally as well as an update on the company.

For more information contact Jay at 785-764-8380 or jay@lawrencehits.com

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