Jason is a licensed Addiction Counselor and Clinical Social Worker, the artist of Keezograms www.facebook.com/keezograms, and a member of the Guild Theater.

John is the Artistic Director of the Guild Theater. Besides heat vision, his other super power is using his 16 years of improv experience and 33 years of theater experience to bring the best in theatrical instruction, comedy, and entertainment to the people. Past careers include high school teacher, donut maker, hypnotist and newspaper reporter. Find his book “Improv For Everybody”on Amazon. He ashamedly enjoys reality TV, has seen exactly 14 movies in his entire life, and is painfully single, an experience made more painful by his two amazing and loving children. Lawrence, KS has been his home for the past five years, and he can often be seen wandering through natural areas gawking at birds.

The Guild Theater – Lawrence, KS is the home of improv classes, rehearsals, and performances of The Lawrence Improv Guild www.facebook.com/LawrenceGuildTheater

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