James Decay, Poet

James grew up in Sweetwater, Illinois. He left home at the age of 13 and quickly learned how to survive on the streets under the guidance of thieves, prostitutes, junkies, con men, drug dealers, murderers and other characters. At the age of 14, he began hopping freight trains across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Soon after he joined a gang and began walking the circle of the revolving door we call the system. It was there he was introduced to literature and poetry by his cell mate who also encouraged him to start writing. Upon his release, six years ago, he began to take writing seriously. He attended open mic’s and met other like minded individuals who shared his passion for the written word. His work can be found online and in print in such places as The blood machine, gutter eloquence, five 2 one, Midnight Lane Gallery, Spokane shorties, Railtown Almanac and most recently Brenton Booth’s Asylum Floor. James also has a chapbook “A city under siege” which is no longer in print. If you would like to contact James Decay, you can do so via Facebook.

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