Brenton Booth, Writer

Brenton is a writer of poetry, short stories, novellas, and plays. Home is Sydney, Australia, where he wrestles blue pens and notepads, not crocodiles. Brenton started writing when he was 19 and began sending the literary journals when he was 24. After nearly 10 years of rejections he had his first poem published. Since then he has been published in over 100 international journals and anthologies including 3AM Magazine, Chiron Review, Epic Rites Press, Pski’s Porch, Van Goghs Ear and Nerve Cowboy. He is the author of the full length poetry collection “Punching the Teeth from the Sky” and the chapbook “Drowned as the Fish” which is part of Epic Rites Press “Punk Chapbook Series 2017”. He recently took part in a 550 page anthology celebrating the life of Vincent Van Gogh “Resurrection of a Sunflower” from Pski’s Porch and is editor of the upcoming literary journal “The Asylum Floor” which will feature the work of Wolfgang Carstens, James Decay, Matt Borczon, Catfish McDaris and Janne Karlsson in its inaugural issue.

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