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Ronda Miller, Writer

Ronda Miller is a Life Coach who works with clients who have lost someone to homicide.  Miller is the current State President of Kansas Authors Club ...View Details

Jason Preu, Writer

Who is Jason Preu?  Poetry, fiction, fake wikipedia entries…Inspired by office culture, the philosophies of dependent origination, Dada, no mind, and ...View Details

Anthony Boynton, writer

Anthony Boynton is a Georgia native and doctoral student of English at the University of Kansas. Boynton's academic work normally focuses on and/or cr...View Details

Andrew Farkas, Writer

Andrew Farkas' "Self-Titled Debut", a collection of fictions, won the Subito Press Prose Contest in 2009. His work has appeared in North American Revi...View Details

Tessa Gratton, Writer

Tessa Gratton is the author of the Blood Journals duology, the Gods of New Asgard series, and books on writing fantasy for teen writers. She lives in ...View Details

Linzi Garcia, Poet

Linzi Garcia can be found frolicking through sunflower fields, cemeteries, and bars across the states. She has been featured in "Treading Unique Paths...View Details

Jennie Washburn & Talk With ME host Marcia Epstein share their conversation about Spring,  Goodness, Community, BadAssery, and Laughter! Jenn...View Details

Cei Loofe is a writer, a public speaker and a person of service, currently based in Omaha, NE. He started all these pursuits decades ago in another li...View Details

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