Archive for January 2018

Heather Christie, writer

Heather Christie grew up in rural Pennsylvania and, at age seventeen, took off for NYC in hopes of becoming a movie star. Flash forward several decade...View Details

Jennie Washburn & Talk With ME host Marcia Epstein share their conversation about Art & Mental Health, Life & Death, Making Decisions Wise...View Details

Samantha Slupski, Poet

Samantha Slupski is a poet and mental health advocate based in the heart of the Midwest. She first stepped on stage in December 2015 at Uptown Arts Ba...View Details

Mish (Eileen) Murphy lives with her husband and three dogs near Tampa, Florida. She takes photos & creates photo arts; writes poetry & book re...View Details

Joseph Shields was born outside Milwaukee, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and later from Loyola University of Chicago. He spent t...View Details

Since 1970 John Yamrus has published 26 volumes of poetry, 2 novels and one volume of non-fiction. He has also had nearly 2,000 poems published in pri...View Details

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