Archive for October 2017

James H. Duncan

James H. Duncan is a writer of poems, stories, and more, and is the editor of Hobo Camp Review, He is the co-ho...View Details

Janne is an insanely productive artist/writer/publisher residing in Linköping, Sweden. Over the years, his often bizarre and surreal work has been pub...View Details

Brenton Booth, Writer

Brenton is a writer of poetry, short stories, novellas, and plays. Home is Sydney, Australia, where he wrestles blue pens and notepads, not crocodile...View Details

Brandon has been performing, and competing in, the art of drag since 2004. And he has a passion for building an accepting and caring community, start...View Details

Nino Cipri, Writer

Nino is a queer and nonbinary/transgender writer. A multidisciplinary artist, Nino has written fiction, essays, plays, screenplays, comics, radio feat...View Details

Wolfgang Carstens is a Poet, Host of Poets Underground, and Publisher at Epic Rites Press. He is: Crudely Mistaken For Life (2010), The Abyss Gazes Al...View Details

Kimberly Ann Priest, Poet

Kimberly is an MFA graduate in Creative Writing from New England College, already holding an MA in English Language & Literature from Central Mich...View Details

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