Johnnie is a self-published Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Zinester, Videographer/Photographer, and generally an Artist-Type. He is a transplant from the Sonoran desert, where he spent much of his writing time overlooking desert mountains and watching saguaros grow. The desert is where much of his childhood trauma was healed. Johnnie has a new-found passion for storytelling and is bringing it to Topeka, KS. He is fostering relationships with other poets and artists from Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City, and beyond.

As for culinary arts, the Kitchen Shaman blog was born in 2005 to showcase Johnnie’s talent, experience, and extensive food knowledge.

Johnnie has four poetry books and two zines for sale through his artist website. “Catharsis” is the collection dealing with trauma, healing and moving beyond.

Follow Johnnie on Facebook at and on other social media @johnnagale

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