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Robert Hansen is the person behind Poems-For-All, a project that for the last 17 years has been designing and publishing miniature books of poetry tha...View Details

Simone Savannah  was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. and currently resides in Lawrence, KS.  She is the author of a new chapbook, Like Kansas (Big ...View Details

Brandon Whitehead is a misanthropic and reclusive creature seldom seen in public unless there is free beer.  His poetry collection Thieves, Pharaohs a...View Details

Listen, be inspired, and laugh as Assistant Director Lusie Cuskey and female lead Sarah VanZwoll describe the production and the personal journeys tha...View Details

Matt Spezia was recently named a Prince of Poetry.  He is a national powerhouse of Lyrical Ability, combining his 3-time national award winning Poetry...View Details

Lexi is the founder of Hope Through Headphones.  She is also a music-lover, a person living with mental illness, and a student pursuing a degree in Ma...View Details

John Burroughs is a nationally-touring poet and performer from the Cleveland area and the author of over a dozen books including Water Works, Electric...View Details

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