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Jennie Washburn, V.2017.5

Each month, the Transformational Jennie Washburn joins Talk With ME host, Marcia Epstein, for real life conversation. SelfCare, Fun, Expressing Expect...View Details

Stacey Freedenthal has worked in the field of suicide prevention since 1994, when she first volunteered at a suicide prevention hotline. She is now an...View Details

In Lawrence, KS, Sunrise Project connects people of all ages & backgrounds to good food, community & the environment. 4 core programs: Lawrenc...View Details

Damian is sometimes a poet, sometimes a writer, and most times a mad man. He is the host of Keyport, NJ’s the Poetry in the Port reading series. Dami...View Details

Wolfgang Carstens is the author of numerous poetry collections and publisher at Epic Rites Press. He is organizer and host of Poets Underground, a po...View Details

K.W. “Kevin” Peery is the author of 3 collections of poetry: Tales of a Receding Hairline, Purgatory & Wicked Rhythm. He is a regular contributor...View Details

Christine is a senior at Kansas U, and serves as President of the KU chapter of Active Minds, a national mental health advocacy group. After struggli...View Details

Alyse Bensel, Poet

Alyse & ME talk about Alyse’s writing & about the 4th Annual Poetry Fair in Lawrence, KS on April 15, 2017! The fair includes readings, netwo...View Details

Cliff made a career out of telling the truth, but not outright. His first book of poetry, The Draw of Broken Eyes & Whirling Metaphysics, first p...View Details

Just listen! For Mark’s stories and poetry. For his respect and love for humanity. Be inspired! Mark comes from a large family with 3 languages: Sp...View Details

Katie grew up in Lawrence, KS & lives there now. Between then & now she has lived, worked, & studied in Chicago, CO, Seattle, NY, & Ta...View Details

Tiffany Burba

Tiffany is a poet and photographer living in Vancouver, WA. She is frequently found at poetry readings there & across the river in Portland, OR. ...View Details

Daniel is a Laotian-Thai-American, a dancer, a former US Marine, a videographer & much more. He loves singing in the shower, playing video games,...View Details

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